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Wild Country Outfitters offers some of the most premier big game hunts in the United States for Rocky Mountain Elk and Mule Deer. Our leases include ranches from 25,000 acres to 240,000 acres. Your hunting experience with us and/or our contractors will be unique due to the large number of animals that are resident on these ranches and managed for great antler quality.

The main camp on Deseret Land and Livestock is a nice 7500 sq. foot beautiful cabin with all of the amenities: hot and cold running water, flush toilets in each of the 12 bedrooms, fireplace, spectacular views, and a great camp contracted cook. The other camps are nice small cabins, wall tents, small building, or trailer camps, where our contractors do it the old fashion way.

Our success ratio has been 85 percent for elk the past 20 years, with our trophy elk averaging 340 B&C gross score on some ranches and 315 on others and topping out at a whopping 397+ B&C gross score. The trophy deer harvested by our clients/lessees/guests have averaged 175 B&C gross score, with their top being 219 6/8 B&C gross score. Our success rate on guided mule deer hunts is around 60 percent. Our hunt areas have guaranteed permits through Utah's CWMU program.

On a very limited basis due to our lease program, we offer fully guided, one-on-one hunts and two-on-one hunts depending on which hunt you choose. We feel confident that booking with us will be one of the best experiences you have had in the field. We invite you to explore the most beautiful, fair chase hunting in the Western United States. Wild Country is now managing the lease program at the Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch. If you are looking at a way for your business or family to become part of a wonderful hunting and recreational lease program, please contact us for details.